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The 10 Toilet Renovation Mistakes That Cost Thousands Of Dollars

You cannot live without a toilet at home. Sometimes, we have broken toilets, but we must visit the place. When not exciting, fun, and beautiful, do some remodeling. Renovating that toilet requires money. When renovating or installing a new one, avoid these ten mistakes as they cost you more.
If you get the pan wrong when doing the DIY renovations, you spend more. Always check the pan type. It can be the skew, P-trap, or S-trap toilet. Know the type and select a toilet match that goes well.
If you fail to measure the set-out, more money is spent. This is the distance between the wall to the center of the waste outlet for S-traps. For P-trap, it's the distance from to the trap.

The third mistake that tends to make the renovations costly is ignoring water efficiency standards. Click to learn more about Toilet Renovation. Check the star ratings appearing o every appliance used before doing the toilet installation. When installing a new toilet, buy a four-star toilet from the Australian bidet shop to avoid regrets.

If you choose the wrong toilet style, your spending shoots up. Your toilet won't match the bathroom style. The closed couple suite toilet is used in mid-range renovations. The connector suite is ideal for irregular set outs. The concealed suite becomes ideal for those who want to save space. The wall faced a suite that is sleek and modern.
Once ready to start the renovations, failing to shut water is costly. By shutting for a while, you avoid breaking the pipes and allowing flooding.
A common mistake that makes it a costly renovation is when you fail to confirm the flange height. Avoid this by going for the toilet flange extension to allow optimal height.
Another costly mistake during renovations is failing to secure closet bolts. These bolts help to anchor your toilet base to a flange. Use a nut and its washer.

If you fail to level the toilet, your pockets will dry. Click here now to get more info. This makes the toilet bowl rocking and unsettling. Use toilet shims to get the correct level.

When doing a bathroom remodeling, not caulking the base turns out costly. Always use silicone caulk that seals the base.
Some people overestimate their skills when doing toilet renovations. It becomes messy and costly at the same time. That is why you need a licensed plumber for this job.

When planning to remodel the bathroom and install a new toilet, get more info from the Bidetrys website for what is needed. Bidets deliver bidet toilets all over Australia and leave their clients happy. Learn more from

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